Re-establishing E-Books Reading Trend

By Mehar-un-nisa

On a refreshing evening of March 2015 I, for the 1st time in my entire life, felt that even words fail to express a particular moment at times. Motivated, hopeful or perhaps optimistic would be my words. I don’t know which one goes best to explain my state.

Long ago, I, with the help of my virtual friend created a page on Facebook as Book Addicts Cafe“. Together we used to upload e-books in different formats on various subjects. Most of the books on this page fall in the genre of English Literature.

The main objective of its creation is to spread knowledge and facilitate readers across the globe. All a reader has to do is to check the album of page. Each book is uploaded over there with a cover photo so that readers don’t have to check each post on wall. It saves time indeed!

Initially I was very active. I spent many days searching books and uploading photos. However, with the passage of time I lost track and became very busy in life.

Later, a thought (saying it a “terrible” would be more appropriate) bothered me a lot that I stopped uploading books. The thought was: who is reading these books Mehru? Why do you need to worry about it? I mean those who love reading will keep reading anyway. Why waste so efforts when nobody is reading these books.

Although there are tremendous benefits of e-books it’s cheap, easy to carry anywhere without any weight but it all counts when you get feedback from readers. When nobody responding how can I carry it on?

Besides, living in a developing country like Pakistan, with a limited access to the latest technologies reduces the reach of e-books in masses. Reading e-books is not a growing trend in Pakistan. Only a handful of people enjoying latest technology have the freedom to access e-books easily. So why bother?

I was fine with my thoughts until now when I received a message from my University friend.

We got chance to chat after a long time. After greeting the second thing she asked was,”You are not uploading books these days” and I was shocked to see that someone on earth is interested to read e-books especially in Pakistan. Plus, apart from me someone really cares about “Book Addicts Café”. Knowing about it was a fresh breath indeed!

Then, she went on to every detail of the page and said she just finished reading all books which are already uploaded. And I was like oh my! I asked her if she follows it. She agreed. She requested me to find an updated edition of a book and upload it soon.

The very striking moment opened a new window of perception. I realized nothing on earth is wasted if done with dedication and passion. My sincere efforts were never wasted.

I was helping someone…..somewhere!

I believe that the time is not far away when global trend of reading e-books will flourish in Pakistan, too.

Having realized it, now I am going to upload books soon on Book Addicts Cafe although I wouldn’t be able to upload as frequently as I used to do in past. I was student back then. Now I am working. Managing a job with other activities is quite difficult task.

But that by any way doesn’t mean that I will leave my page.

E-books will be uploaded. Book addicts have my words!