Where Pakistani youth is heading?

By Mehar-un-nisa

In this digital age where the world has shrunk into a global village, youth faces enormous challenges on different religious, economical, psychological, and social grounds. Furthermore, youth in almost every country faces a huge gap between social classes thus, the nature of challenges varies throughout the world.

Taking Pakistan into consideration one can clearly see with issues surfacing like, low literacy rate, absolute poverty, unemployment, low standards of life, unhygienic environment, pollution and terrorism the growth of prosperous youth is quite difficult to dream.

A University graduate, after the completion of formal education, enters into a world where the scarcity of jobs in market forces one to indulge in prohibited activities such as addiction, crimes and terrorism hence contributes to increase disturbance at large.

The outcome is increased numbers of killings, suicide, depression, rapes, bomb blasts, extremism, lust of power, frustration, and what not!

What the need of time today is to open eyes and adopt strategies to bring about a real change in order to save youth.

The question arises how?

Open street workshops can be of great help to make youth think for social responsibility leading to a harmonious country. Creation of job opportunities in local market would motivate youth to actively work and contribute in the development of economy.

Moreover, active participation in community work between youth of different classes can actually bring them closer to each other. By such bond they will be able understand mutual problems.


Together, youth can MAKE a HUGE difference!