A Journey To Seek Satisfaction

by Mehar-un-nisa

Altaf Hussain, 60, quitted everything in order to become a Lawyer.  To him, it was not merely a passion but a sheer source to satisfy his soul. Ironically, he didn’t find any satisfaction in law practice at all.

In 1953, he was born in Sukkur. His father died when he was only 2 years old.  He completed his intermediate from “Cadet College Petaro”. After that he completed his B.A. from the University of Sindh. His academic record was outstanding throughout academic years.

“My parents wanted me to become a Doctor or an Engineer but it was not my wish so I preferred to decide this by my own rather than asking from others. I had my plans, indeed.” said Mr. Hussain.

In 1978 he got very first job as an Inspector in Food Department Sindh. He got fed up from the routine boring work. He didn’t find himself as doing something constructive. According to him, “It was like wasting my energy for no good. No doubt work was quite easy but it was not good enough for my self-satisfaction so I resigned.”

He got another job. He was directly appointed as a Manager in Muslim Commercial bank. He had a lot to do on this position. But soon he realized it was not his piece of cake. Therefore, after working 2 years he quit it in 1985.

“I feel very lucky not having a calculative nature. I really don’t prefer to calculate 2+2=4 all day long.” He said.” Though I was Manager I had a lot of other stuff to do but I just didn’t find satisfaction of my soul. What really I was lacking was internal peace.”

The year 1985 turned out to be the most significant year of his life. In this tear he got married to his second cousin, Rizwana. In the same year he resigned but the most important thing happened was he realized what exactly he wants to do in life.

She said.” Hanif Hussain, my elder brother was a famous lawyer. I was inspired of him. As I get close to him after I quit my job, I realized there is a lot more in life. I can become a good Lawyer and serve humanity.” he added” It was the critical period of my life I had to work hard as I was not alone. I had my family. Certainly I had to settle.”

He applied for L.L.B. in the University of Sindh. Along with study he continued to assist his brother where he learned and got a lot of experience. It was a really tough time for him to manage work and study at the same time. But he did, because he has not left with any other option.

“After getting my degree I moved to Karachi. Without the shadow of doubt, it is a center of Economic Activity. I came here, start practicing. Days were busy.” Recalling his memories he added”My days were busy in discussions with clients, studying their cases, and going to City Court. All I was doing was work day and night.”

After 5 years of his marriage he was blessed with a daughter. His family was not completed until she came in his life. He expressed his joy as “It was the most beautiful thing ever happened to me in life.”

He was enthusiastic at first but later on he felt this was not the profession he was looking for. There were black shades of corruption looming over society. Many lawyers were quite busy in making black into white. Majority of the fellows forced Altaf to cheat his clients. Altaf considered it as betrayal. He just avoided his fellow’s advices and carried on working honestly.

“Honesty is such a precious trait which is not easily found in everybody. Majority of lawyers don’t work honestly. I can see the blood of innocent people on their hands It breaks my heart.” He added “In this profession I can see man’s brutality. Judges and lawyers could be sold out. People kill others in no time. It takes away my mental peace. I see myself, more disturbed than ever before.”

He believes if every individual in the society work positively then will it end in the collective welfare of mankind. He thinks his efforts will not end in smoke. One day all this mess will be fixed and people will enjoy harmony and justice. At least his positive contribution to society will initiate a change to a small level. Life worths a try to seek self satisfaction.