Filling Gaps of Political Puzzle!



“I want to make it absolutely clear that I have no political ambitions nor does the army want to be taken away from its profession of soldiering, my sole aim is to organize free and fair elections which will be held in October this year. Soon after the polls, power will be transferred to the elected representatives of the people. I give solemn assurances that I will not deviate from this schedule” said General Zia-ul-haq to media right after imposing martial law in 1977.

The most attention needed part of the statement is “NO POLITICAL AMBITIONS”. Yet the rule continued to go length without any apparent reason.

Doesn’t it remind us all of a recent similar official statement of Army Officials for the purpose of establishment of Military Courts? Have a look!

A tweet from Military Officials

A tweet from Military Officials

Think again what is going on around?

Think. Who indirectly benefited the most from the incident of Peshawar Attack? Look who was hanged? Those terrorists were hanged to deaths that were involved in the death plan of the ex-Chief Martial Law Administrator and Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf first and then came number of the rest of terrorists.

What Army is up to? Is it a deliberate effort to Increase military power and influence on state? Or history is repeating itself the way it did in the governance of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto when unrest was deliberately created to enforce martial law.

Faces are changed but the characters are almost the same!

It was Asghar khan, a leader from PNA and the former commander-in-chief of the air force who is also said to have relations with Army, along with other companions contributed to create disturbance in state by promoting the “khilafat” ideology in 1977 and there are Imran khan and Tahirul Qadri in pair now chanting slogans of “Azadi” and “Inqalab” based on the ideology of revolution from traditional system. It was Long March then and there are Inqalab and Azadi Marches now.

The similarities between these eras are just co-incidence or the history is repeating itself? Only time will tell.


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