A self-discovering venture:

By Mehar-un-nisa

Once upon a time there lived a soul who loved to paint and sketch everything that came around not only for the sake of making it but, for sheer self-satisfaction.

She lived in the shades of colours with harmony. For her, art was limitless. She spent her life cherishing art in any form. Days were short and temptation to paint was strong. She adored it and wanted to carry on but, life had another plans for her.

One day, a horrible storm devastated her paintings. Her painting brushes were thrown away, far from her reach. The colours of her paintings were shattered. After that, the only thing left for her was a colourless canvas.

Wait, the mentioned damage could have been repaired with the passage of time. She could have painted many other art pieces but the major destruction which happened to occur was “she lost herself.” Yes, she lost the ability to express herself. Not only was she shocked but also traumatized by such terrible incident.

For several years she fought a battle to meet her “Real Soul” but all her efforts ended in vain. For her, the charm for life was a fairy tale. She had the chance to hold the brushes again though but the spirit and passion similar to old-gold-days was all gone.

Life goes on and one has to move with it. She also survived the same way until a day came when she re-discovered herself. She met with her own shadow if not her soul.

She held in her hands the colouring kit and thought to paint an abstract art she knew that the lack of practice would end in nothing but in disastrous painting.She thought of people what would they say? what if no one likes it?

she remembered once Jackson Pollock said, “Abstract painting is abstract. It confronts you. There was a reviewer a while back who wrote that my pictures didn’t have any beginning or any end. He didn’t mean it as a compliment, but it was.” she realized it is not a matter of people liking it but the self-expression and self-satisfaction. Keeping it in mind she gave it another thought and then finally anything couldn’t be able to hold her passion back. The urge to paint was overwhelming. She started to paint!

It was her 1st stroke and then 2nd. She didn’t know what happened then. She started to express her heart well enough with each stoke of brush. She painted her dark doubts with somewhat ambiguous vision.

People's vision

People’s vision

Curiosity and passion forced her to express her heart more. This time she used crayons instead of water colours. She ended up sketching a portrait of two girls.



She found her energetic soul and realized the soul was hidden in her from quite a while. It was her inability to recall her.

She found nothing would be more relaxing than painting the inner soul, thoughts, and feelings on canvas. She couldn’t stay away from painting. The passion of painting was running in her blood. SHE WAS ALIVE, SHE DISCOVERED!


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