Some eyes I eyed last week

this world can be perceived in many ways. all one need is a new perception to explore the world. here is an example how Imaan explored……..


Every day, I come across many different people with interesting eyes.

I don’t talk to these people. I just like observing their eyes and imagining in my head what thing are like in theirs.

Here are a few observations I made, perhaps ignorantly, about the eyes I have noticed in the past few days. I don’t really understand the point of sharing this, but I really, really wanted to write about them.

Set number 1

There is a girl sitting in front of me and I have been stealing glances to look at her for the past half hour.

She is chubby, with a dimpled chin and thin lips. Her eyebrows, which look quite tense, have been plucked to a sharp line, under which her lush, long eyelashes flutter (even behind her prescription eyeglasses) as the wind blows in her direction.

She looks up and I see that her eyes…

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