Ashraf Chaudhry…A success story!

Ashraf Chaudhry…A success story!

24, November, 2013

By Mehar-un-nisa

As the Global Entrepreneurship week has begun, I see lots and lots of people keep sharing their entrepreneurial experiences via Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and Orkut, etc. Each status or post is nothing but a source of inspiration to those who are unaware of this factor of production. The flood of posts regarding entrepreneurship literally compelled me to dig deeper and search for some success stories scattered in our society.
I spend hours for searching different entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Certainly, selecting one was a hard decision to make. However, the journey of search was over after I found Ashraf Chaudhry’s profile!
Ashraf Chaudhry is a dynamic man with beaming passion, talent, skills and courage. His diversified skills compels one to introduce him with many references. For instance as a Zara sochiye” fame, CEO of ““Ashraf Chaudhry Associates”, Pakistan’s number 1 sales trainer and author of “The Craft of SellingYourself”.
His professional journey has a long list of successes. After completing his education, he started a regular 9 to 5 job. He excelled in the field of sales while working in many reputable organizations. He worked for blue-chip companies like Chevron, Tapal Tea, Pearl Continental/Marriott Hotels and Worldcall Group in sales and marketing departments. He was moving forward in professional life.
A turn then came and he found himself quitting the job in pursuit of his internal passion and became an entrepreneur. He engaged himself in corporate sales training career and laid the foundation of “Ashraf Chaudhry Associates” with the vision to raise the spirits of people working in the organizations to enhance the sales with “never-say-quit” determination.
Initially the idea of this establishment was quite risky as the economy was facing depressions and the business organizations were hesitant to invest the budget in training of employees. But his hopes were high and he had belief that that phase would pass on.
Like a daring entrepreneur he took the risk while keeping the hope alive and he waited for the right time to come to bring the change.
He says “I think going on the entrepreneurial flight is the best career decision I ever made. I am achieving three objectives. First, my working hours are very flexible which allows me to spend more time with my family now and therefore, I have complete independence. Second, I am my own boss. I enjoy what I am doing and I don’t take my job as ‘assigned’ or monotonous drudgery. I am my job and job is me. Third, I am impacting people’s lives positively.” Now his company is growing faster day by day. The company conducts open enrollment and customized training sessions in the disciplines of sales, marketing, customer services, leadership, social media, soft skills policy advocacy for local and multinational organizations. Different professional trainers “Guru” in their fields transfer their skills and expertise with the clients by using different techniques , interactive discussions, case studies, exercises, video analyses and hands-on experiences.
He says, ”There is a very thought-provoking dialogue in the movie The Rookies, that is something like: “It is fine to do what you want to do, but sooner or later you have to do what you were meant to do”. I believe I have been designed to share my life experiences with others and to impact people’s lives with life-changing trainings and writings. This is what I am meant to do. It is a great discovery. When I decided in August 2008 to “retire” at the age of 38 from a 9 to 5 safe and comfortable job to start my own entrepreneurial venture of changing people’s lives by challenging their dis-empowering and limiting beliefs, as a first step to a long journey I started writing The Craft ofSelling “YOURSELF”.
With all qualities of an entrepreneur his career is an inspiration for starter. Even I would love to start my career as an entrepreneur after reading his success story. Wouldn’t you like it too?

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