Cherish life by Getting to know each other!

Ignoring the beauty of our lives is our common mistake that we often make unintentionally. We never bother to cherish the lively events taking place around us. Hence each moment loses its charm by the passage of time leaving us more vulnerable to the frustrations, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and stress. Each night we go to bed with a heavy heart.

At times we end up blaming others for this mess without realizing the essence of sheer happiness hidden like treasure in our daily life. Our soul long for relaxation and tend to find some peace embracing with harmony. We, on the other hand, spend our days regretting a long list of things.

After spending long days of depression and anxiety my soul decided to walk down the memory lane to search any happy period of my life. This thought forced me to glance around to find out the happiness hidden in small moments that I have lived. Eventually my “glee seeking journey” ends when the memory of the period spend in domino center flouts in my mind.

I remember during that particular time period my nature was inclined towards the creativity. I couldn’t help to praise the beautifully designed cards, charts made by the other students which were displayed on green board. I enjoyed learning different things from all of them. It was a unique style yet creative style of learning indeed. Hence it helped to make a positive impact on learning.

Besides learning, each day I spend some time praising the creativity of the students working on projects, making beautiful and colorful cards. No doubt our youth is very talented.

The most hilarious part of story was my time spend in waiting area before class. I made Syeda Benish Ali Rizvi, Umm-e-Kulsoom and Syeda Kulsoom Zehra Rizvi as my friends there. They added more colour in this time. Specially Benish, a cute Barbie doll, speaking all the time was such a sweet heart . Her lively gossips enlightened my mood.

On the other hand, my sweet and funky classmates made me feel good all the time by chatting, making jokes, and sharing knowledge. I will specially mention the names of my friends, Arfa Faheem, Anum Rafaqat Hayat, Sumaira Hameed, Qurat-ul-ain, Sonia Malik, Mohammad Qasim, Syed Roohul Allah, Nadeem, Fahad Khan, and Yumna who made this venture of learning adventurous for me.

I must say each of them had a unique quality. Arfa was a factory of questions. All questions had fine quality. I loved her curiosity for English language. She was my buddy!

For me Anum was “Meessh” (slang used for teachers specially said by Kinder Garden students instead of miss), confident and fluent in English. I wonder why she had taken admission there.

According to me, Sumaira was a nice girl. I never shared with her but I really adore her voice. Quratulain was a sweet girl. I pray that they may get through the ILETS Test. Sonia was also a cute girl. She was going to China for further study. She has my good wishes.

And there was Nadeem. Nadeem’s keen in conversation was the specialty which made him different from others. In introduction I came to know he was going to establish a school in his village. I really appreciated his good intensions. Certainly he was living with the noble cause. My prayers are always with him. I was really impressed by his aims. In fact still I am!

I had high hopes with Syed Roohul Allah and Mohammed Qasim. I hope they’ll go abroad soon and excel in their field. Good luck guys!

Fahad Khan with British accent (I guess so) was a late comer. Lol! I will never forget his shared prank in class activity. Lol! I will be careful in future. Seriously!

If you asked about my views I would say we were fit altogether. I can recall specific interesting situation when we all used to burst into a queue of questions. I still can imagine those blissful and careless moments of life.

Apart from fellows gathering, my experience with the teachers was remarkable indeed. Ma’am Marium Naz and Ma’am Safia did teach us for a short period of time. Sir Asim and Sir Mohammed Ameen taught us well the whole month. It will be totally unfair if I don’t appreciate their efforts. Without any shadow of doubt, they tried to bring the best out of us and we tried to perform well (I know Sir Asim and Sir Mohammed Ameen are smiling on the last part of sentence wondering “did they really try”, honest to God Sir, We Did!)

Apart from fun, I found many middle aged women and married house wives in the different learning levels which was another impressive feature while studying there. Women struggling to explore and learn show the change of “mind set” in our society. I could see every woman in every walk of life. We usually perceive the importance of learning language for students and professionals. However the bigger picture says women are also trying their best. You can definitely imagine how refreshing would it be to see flourishing goodness!

I know some journeys never lasts long enough. They finally end. But I believe that these short journeys lay the foundation of the highway of future. We are birds, ready to fly. These journeys enable us to fly because sky is the limit for us.

Let me connect the dots here! Yes! Coming back to the point where I have started all the debate. Cherish every moment of life by getting to know each other. Interact with others, socialize, share whatever you want. Open your heart. Explore the beauty of humanity only then would you be able to feel the essence of life practically. Absorb the energies emitting from nature. Even bad experiences can make you strong for future.

I myself have started to accept challenges. 2014 is a new year of my life. I am not just saying it. I mean it! I am exploring things. Each day gives me a new energy to start a new chapter of my life. Never let any “Accommodator” to halt your way. Don’t bound yourself. Certainly it’s the high time! Fly!


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